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Full Name:(Bono) Paul David Hewson
Date of Birth1960-05-10
Age (age 59)
Birth PlaceDublin, Ireland

Bono Introduction:

Bono is a Popular Celebrity. Born and raised in Dublin,Ireland,participating in the Mount Temple Comprehensive School where he met his future wife,Alison Stewart,as well as in school friends and together they formed U2 in 1976.[2][3][4] Bono is soon established himself as a passionate leader of the band, his expressive vocal style and magnificent gesture and composition. His lyrics are known for their social and political issues and their religious images inspired by their Christian faith.[5][6] during U2’s early days,Bono’s lyrics contributed to the group’s rebellious and spiritual tone.[5] as the band matured,his lyrics inspired were divided more by personal experiences with other members.[3][5] as a member of U2 ‘ s Bono 22 Grammy Awards received, and was in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. the

Bono Biography:

Bono Paul David Hewson was born in Dublin,Ireland, October 10, 1960,Iris(Rankin)and Brendan Robert Hewson. He continued to lead singer of the rock band U2since1976. U2 has won 22 Grammy awards and is recognized worldwide as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in2005. Praise from fans and critics as an outstanding performer and songwriter, Bono has also praised the leaders of the world, accomplished activist due to his powers of persuasion and knowledge of the problem. He traveled extensively on the lecture and lobby politicians. Bono’s career as a socially conscious musician has been formed by childhood experiences in Ireland as well as volunteer activities in Africa and South America. He married the love of his youth, Ali Hewson1982 years,and the actress Eve Hewson is one of the. To run an outstanding activist in her own right, Ali Hewson once in decline the invitation,

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Bono Contact:

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Bono House Address:

Bono home address is following: (Bono) Paul David Hewson , Dublin, Ireland .

Bono Whatsapp:

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